249- Sad sadness


Vlog 249 – Sad sadness

 Hello my friend, I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae, and today I want to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled: “Sad sadness”.

My friend, how sad is the sadness that the wounded soul and heart feel. My poor friend…

Go to God, to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, exposed, or in the Tabernacle. Kneel in front of Him and cry, cry while you pray, cry as much as you want and need; tell Him your sorrows, those problems, worries and sadnesses that afflict you, distress you and drown you; pour your heart out before God, He is the Love!, because if you go to Him, your wounds will heal. You need His love, you need God! Confess and receive His forgiveness and His comfort, and feel His love by receiving Him in the Eucharist. Take communion, my friend, take communion!, because in the Bread of Communion, there is God, your Lord and Creator, and it’s for you, that He hides in the Bread, in order that you may receive Him, One and Triune God, in the body and soul of Jesus, God the Son, and thus enter inside you and embrace you, filling you with His great love.

Jesus is really there, what are you waiting for to go?

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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