3- Goodbye to the gray


Vlog 3 – Goodbye to the gray

 Hello my friend; I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae. And today I’m going to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled “Goodbye to the gray”.

Depends, depends, depends! For some people all depends of with eyes you look it. Well, eyes, or angle… Everything is subjective, it is not neither white, nor black, it’s… gray.

There are those who live immersed in relativism, either for convenience or other reasons, such as lack of formation and information.

What would happen if everything really was relative, as some believe?

—Goodnight Carmen.

—You would mean good morning.

—Good morning? But if there are more than nine o’clock and it’s all dark. Don’t you see the stars?

—Then it will be night for you, because I just get up only five minutes ago.

That is just a mere example.

—Sandra, Sandra! Do you know that someone has stolen the bag to Sofia?


—Yes, a man has stolen it.

—It will not be so; maybe he has borrowed it for some time.

The day not dawn according to when someone gets up, nor night falls when someone goes to bed… And if someone takes something against the will of its owner, this is a robbery. The record straight, because otherwise, dispense with dictionaries and speech.

Many people use relativism for escape from reality and also for make excuses of bad use of their freedom; and of course, it is much easier to talk, that change and have a good behavior.

If you know a good lawyer, it means that he is good in laws, in his work; but that doesn’t mean that he is also: a good father, a faithful husband, a kindly son… Please, don’t confuse things. The problem is that many people want to generalize.

For example, if now someone said: “Widows who are widowed younger, ripen earlier than the elderly widowed”. Here, if it is not mentioned that takes place with the majority of the widows, would be brutally generalizing to say something that isn’t true, because not “all the younger widows mature earlier than the older widows” by rule of three; because there are even widows who never mature.

In other words; not because can not be generalize to simple characteristics and thick means that there aren’t truths with universal validity, as erroneously defends the relativism; because there is. What happens is that human being can reason, and it’s totally free to opine. But opine goes not united with have reason, for more eloquence that has one person. Because an opinion cannot change a truth, by highly innovative that this is.

Perhaps the relativism searchs that nobody be discontented? Is it the game of “everyone is right by the power of the mind of each individual”? Because that is what it seems.

Would you like some advice? Say goodbye to the gray! “Stay away from relativism, join Catholicism!”

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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