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Some of the Bellido Durán sisters (Alba, María, Flor, Estel, Victoria, Patricia and Montserrat) promised to the Virgin, to Jesus, that if their mother, Maria Durán de Bellido (the founder of CatholicosOnLine), recovered of the malignant tumor, they would do a musical group to venerate the Virgin Mary and to spread the christian catholic faith, and Maria Durán de Bellido promised to the Virgin that she would help them to manage to do this musical group, for God’s Glory. Maria Durán de Bellido spent very well the operation and recovered, because of it here you have the fulfilled promise.

December 2.013

To the being FLOS MARIAE a musical group formed by devotion and promise to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and not by vocation to being singers, although they do like to sing and they strive to give the best to God; FLOS MARIAE will not give performances neither any tour nor will play in public; for that has been done the effort, both of time and economic, of recorded the videoclips of every song of 1r CD called TOTUS TUUS MARIA, to fullfill with the promise, and let’s say: “to face”, because FLOS MARIAE is an extra to their work and vocational activities of being businesswomen.

And continuing with the same line that always has been done in CatholicosOnLine, FLOS MARIAE neither wants nor asks for donations. You can see free: the videoclip, the Lyrics’s video and the subtitled videoclip in english of every song. Also you can buy the download of every song in audio (MP3), as well as the lyrics of the songs in format PDF and Wallpapers of the banners created exclusively for Lyrics’s video. The money generated, after covering the expenses of production, will serve for deeds of charity.

FLOS MARIAE releases in January of 2.014 their first CD of 21 songs. Song to song they will be announced and published in the official web, in an interval of 3 days. The songs of the following CDs, will be published and announced, a song every week.

FLOS MARIAE has much to be thankful for to God, by the intercession of the kind Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and they are going to fulfill with their promise, for which, they will accompany you weekly for many years, if God wants.

In every CD, the majority of the songs are in spanish. There can be some song in latin, in english and in catalan (which is their mother tongue, which they speak and which so much they love) subtitled in spanish.

January 2.014


Because the number of requests for interviews; Flos Mariae gives this announcement:

Gentlemen, unfortunately, for our daily work, we can not dedicate time to give interviews; on our website you will find explained the reason for our songs. We appreciate your interest.


Flos Mariae

March 2.014




Flos Mariae answers your questions

Friend, Flos Mariae, adapting to recent events, makes this cominuqué by the director of the Musical Group, Flor Bellido Durán, in the video below:

 You can see the video interviews Flos Mariae HERE

COMMUNIQUÉ: “The end of the Interviews”, with Flor Bellido Durán of Flos Mariae – 9th june de 2.014

PRESENTATION: “New member of Flos Mariae”// 11th-January-2.015

New trajectory and 5th CD Titled: “HEROES” by Flos Mariae // 16-June-2.015

COMMUNIQUÉ: The death of our mother – 25- september- 2.015

Our friend, our dear mother, María Durán de Bellido, she was cured of cancer by God, Jesus, and intercession of the Virgin Mary in 2012. A year and a few months after healing, our beloved mother had a reappearance; she has died on September 23, 2015, of heart failure in the hospital where she was admitted.

Our beloved mother asks us repeatedly to continue fulfilling our promise to the Virgin Mary, Jesus, God, with Flos Mariae if she died.

Our beautiful mother suffered very much and she always loved us, to her beloved husband Javier Bellido and children, she always take care of all of us. We are convinced that she is saint and that she from Heaven is encouraging, supporting and helping us.

We were fighting very much for her healing, but God knows what is best for each one and when is the best time to take every person with Him; this gives us peace, because in adittion, our mother was very good and she was always trying to live in God’s grace, and she did frequent confessions; she used to acquire indulgences, she used to pray the holy rosary to the Virgin Mary and she was always a perfect mother and woman in all senses, with an exemplary life full of works of faith and love.

Continuing with her desire, we maintain steadfast in faith and we continue working in the work of apostolate and evangelization that she founded  –CatholicosOnline-, and that she carried out with the help of our dear and admired father, Javier Bellido, and with our help, since the year 2007. We also continue fulfilling with our promise to the Virgin Mary, to God, to Jesus, of evangelizing and spreading the catholic faith, with our musical group Flos Mariae, for her healing of the year 2012.

Our friend, thank you.

Always go ahead with faith.

Flos Mariae – www.flosmariae.com
CatholicosOnline – www.catholicosonline.com

You can download the in memoriam card that has make our father HERE

COMMUNIQUÉ: Thank you for the condolences – 29-september-2.015

Dear friends, thank you very much for your prayers and words of encouragement and support. All the Bellido Durán family, we thank you from the heart. We love you all very much. Thank you, God bless you.

Always go ahead with faith.

Flos Mariae – Bellido Durán Family

Flos Mariae – CatholicosOnLine

COMMUNIQUÉ: Change in the publication date – Flos Mariae // 30-may-2.016

COMMUNIQUÉ: Patricia leaves Flos Mariae // July 18-2018

Our friend, Patricia Bellido Durán, in June 2018, has decided to stop being a member of Flos Mariae.

Always go forward with faith

Flos Mariae


COMMUNIQUÉ: Patricia return to Flos Mariae // November 20-2019

Our friend, Patricia Bellido Durán, in November 2019, has decided to being again a member of Flos Mariae.

Always go forward with faith

Flos Mariae


COMMUNICATION: Montserrat Bellido Durán has gotten married // February 6, 2,021

Friend, Montserrat Bellido Durán, on February 6, 2021 she married Juan Pablo Babiano.

Always forward with faith

Flos Mariae


COMMUNIQUÉ: Victoria, Estel, Maria and Alba leave Flos Mariae // March 4-2021

Our friend, Victoria, Estel, María and Alba Bellido Durán, in March 2021, has decided to stop being a member of Flos Mariae.

Always go forward with faith

Flos Mariae


COMMUNIQUÉ: Flos Mariae dissolves  // 29-marzo-2.021

Our friend, as in the musical group Flos Mariae we are no longer the 7 sisters singing, Flos Mariae dissolves.

The Bellido Duran sisters continue to sing in different musical groups.

Always go forward with faith

Flos Mariae


COMUNICADO: Los dos grupos musicales tras la disolución de Flos Mariae  // 14-mayo-2.021

Amigo, te damos a conocer los dos grupos musicales que se han creado a raíz de la disolución del Grupo Musical Flos Mariae.

Victoria, Estel, María y Alba Bellido Durán han creado el Grupo Musical: “4HBD – 4 Hermanas Bellido Durán“.

Montserrat, Flor y Patricia Bellido Durán han creado el Grupo Musical: “Mariah’s Pop“.

Amigo, gracias.

Siempre adelante con la fe

Flos Mariae


Montserrat Bellido Durán

Patricia Bellido Durán

Victoria Bellido Durán

Estel Bellido Durán

Flor Bellido Durán

María Bellido Durán

Alba Bellido Durán

María Durán de Bellido