17- Do you speak without thinking?


Vlog 17 – Do you speak without thinking?

 Hello my friend, I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae, and today I want to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled: “Do you speak without thinking?”

My friend, the words, the phrases, the ideas that you give from you to the others, ARE GOING TO INFLUENCE THEM, surely!

You, although some may not believe it, you’re important, very important, for the others, but, why some are annoyed by what you say?; and even some are annoyed by what you don’t say, isn’t it?; think about it.

My friend, knowing that you are important to others, it’s good that you don’t speak without thinking, or let’s just say that it’s good that you talk to others, with the same confidence with which “you talk” to yourself, that is, that you don’t think aloud, but before you speak, you decide what you let others know of you, to not bother anyone, to not harm anyone, in order to others don’t harm to you.

You have to always speak with peace, with affection, because everyone needs you.

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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