46- Prisoner


Vlog 46 – Prisoner

 Hello my friend, I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae, and today I want to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled: “Prisoner”.

My friend, my friend, how many times have you changed plans because your body needs rest, a cause for weariness or disease? Sometimes, often, the body limits us to doing so many things, right? Why does this happen? We cannot strip our body from ourselves, as one who takes off a coat; of course not! We cannot go out of our body, hang it on the coat rack and say to it: “Good-bye, I will come back for you in a week”.

My friend, in order to be free, you have to know the truth, as Jesus said: “The truth will make you free”. And which is the truth, our truth? That is, that the persons, we are not only a body, we are not only a soul either; our reality, the truth of the human race, is that we are body and soul, both things!, the two in the same “package”.

“Well, and what more?” you can wonder. My friend, that’s true, as that God exists and is the Creator and Lord of everything created. Also is true, a reality that many want neither to accept nor to believe, and that is; that Satan exists, the demon, the bad angel.

The usual dilemma, the Good or the Evil; even the cinema and the literature, resort to it.

What does God want? God loves us so much, that He created us for love, and for it, for this infinite love that He has for us, He wants that we be with Him, He wants that always, that eternally, we be with Him, in order that we enjoy this holy love, the biggest love that exists.

Oh!, but God, being perfect, does everything perfect, and He made us free; so, although He loves us infinitely and with madness, if we, freely, neither leave ourselves be loved by Him, nor we correspond to Him with our love, we are not going to fuse with His love, and we are not going to enjoy eternally this love, either.

On the other hand, what does the demon want? The demon wants that we get lost in the eternal hell, and that we already live it, here, on earth. And how does he achieve it? Tempting us, making us think that neither the good nor the evil exists, that everything is relative, making us think that neither he, nor God exists, deceiving ourselves; getting into our head that after the death, there is no life, that eternity does not exist, because he already worries in making ourselves think that the soul does not exist, he makes us think that we are only a body, and that since we are only a body, we have to be prisoners of it.

—Prisoners of the body? Come on, if thanks to the body I can do everything: to eat, to interact, to move…

If your life and decisions, they depend on your body, and only on the pleasure that the body could provide to you, you are a prisoner of this one, you are a slave of it! All of you depend on a handful of cells!

My friend, rebel against the lie! Give wings to your soul and be free! That your body be manage by your soul, and not your soul by the body; stop being a prisoner!

My friend, I encourage you to know the truth, study it, look for it! Because only living through it, you will be happy and free. You will find it in the Church of Christ, of God, the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church.

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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