7- Forgive


Vlog 7 – Forgive

 Hello my friend, I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae. And today I’m going to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled: “Forgive”.

I tell you, and I say to you truly; that you, you, you can forgive.

—No, I can’t forgive, I can’t see this person again; It hurts me what he did to me, I already don’t trust he, although he says that he has changed, but… he made me much harm. No, no, I can’t forgive; no, I can’t forgive.

And if I tell you that forgive has nothing to do with return to relate to this person? Well I tell you it, I tell you it.

—Oh… If I don’t have to see him again, then… Then…

Then you can forgive her because God wants it.

God wants that we forgive and we can and we must forgive, because all those people who need our forgiveness, without our forgiveness they will have very difficult to change their attitude and doing good, there where they did evil; this evil that you have received for their lack of good.  Who has hurt you, must know that you forgive him; he should know it when he asks you for forgiveness, you must forgive him when he ask or not ask you for forgiveness; because the spiritual transmission from person to person, similar to the Communion of Saints, is received, you notices it, and sinks you, or rises you. You must forgive to all, because God forgives all who ask Him for forgiveness, and also all the people who still have not ask Him for forgiveness, when they ask Him for forgiveness, He forgive them, He will forgive them.

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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