8- Get away from those who do you wrong


Vlog 8 – Get away from those who do you wrong

 Hello my friend, I’m Victoria Bellido Durán, member of the Musical Group Flos Mariae. And today I’m going to give you my opinion about the subject that I entitled: “Get away from those who do you wrong”.

It’s very difficult, almost impossible, to be good, do good, when someone makes you evil and insists in doing you bad things, in giving you the bad; and what is evil and bad? The evil and the bad thing is everything that goes against the Law of God, His Ten Commandments:

1- I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.

2- You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain

3- Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day

4- Honor your father and your mother

5- You shall not kill

6- You shall not commit adultery

7- You shall not steal

8- You shall not bear false witness

9- You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife

10- You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods

Everything that is done, said, or thought, and goes against the Ten Commandments of the Law of God, is bad and does evil.  

Everyone who obeys, strives, fight, and puts his willpower to abide by the Ten Commandments, and does it; this one, makes good and the good thing.

So simple and clear is the good and the evil.

I beg you to meditate it in your heart, that you go one by one to the Commandments, and make the mental exercise to think, meditate, what evil can make you or make others, comply with the Law of God. I can tell you, and you can tell me after this exercise:

“Obey the Ten Commandments is good, it does good”.

My friend, thank you.

And always go ahead with faith.

Victoria Bellido Durán
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